This is the Walkthrough page, please feel free to edit and change it so newcomers to Avalon have an easier time getting acquainted with the mod.


This is a walkthrough of the Avalon mod. In this walkthrough we will not be touching upon all of the changes Avalon and new features added, that would take away the joy of exploring an exciting and wonderful mod. Instead we will go over a few tips and tricks in Avalon, and some of the important changes from vanilla content.

For the full Avalon Experience please note the following:

Lots of the features appear upon world generation, so it is ideal to make a new world

Like most mods, this one is best experienced with a new character all the way through.

The stack limit on most items have greatly increased, so don’t restrict yourself to the old standards!

You need a Pickaxe of Dusk to get Cobalt ore.

There are many new bosses, killing them is often essential to progressing the game.

Before you throw any item away, check it with the guide. It may turn in to something better...

Normal Mode

The Early Stages (no bosses killed)

1.       Avalon offers 3 more Extra Accessory slots. Use them well.

2.       This is a list of the Vanilla items which can be crafted in Avalon.

a.       Because of these recipes, fallen star gathering is a lot more important in the early game.

b.      A sky bridge is highly suggested, not only to craft the Cloud in the Bottle, but also to gather fallen stars free of terrain hassles.

3.       When you start out, kill all the slimes you see, they might drop a Slime Talisman for you, this is a huge boost at the beginning of the game

4.       Horde all the iron ore you get, and keep it as Iron Ore. Iron and coal are needed to make Steel, a new material which is required for lots of Avalon items.

a.       When digging for coal, it’s usually found at the sky/dirt layer junction. Don’t go too deep.

5.       If you get a shackle from a zombie, save it. Six of them and a Band of Regeneration makes the Dulling Talisman, which provides ten defense and increased life regeneration.

6.       Save all lens, bars and shards you get in the game.  I suggest making separate storage chests early because you will need a lot of these for later items.

7.       If you happen to start near a Snow Biome, save all the shards/souls/gels, you get from monsters there, they will be useful later.

8.       The Silver Flail is a good substitute for the iron broadsword or a Spear. I highly suggest using it until you get an upgrade – once you get a better weapon, save this because it is needed for the Sporalash.

9.       Go to the Desert early in your play through. The vultures now drop beaks which are essential for summoning 2 bosses, and an armor set, so farm up a ton of them.   The first boss drops Titanium Ore, which is essential for the Titanium Drill which is needed before you go into hard mode, and farming the boss is faster than looking for the ore.

10.   Gather about 2000 Sand Blocks. You will need it for later armor sets, and making glass bottles for your potions.

11.   If you happen to get into the Jungle, save everything you get. All the items you pick up from there are useful. In particularly to summon the Jungle Bosses, which are the ideal source of Jungle ore.

12.   Golden Keys can be made with a 1:2 conversion from a gold bar. So the chests in the floating islands don’t require running through the dungeon to get.

a.       If you happen upon a Shiny Red Balloon DO NOT make a cloud in a balloon with it. It is needed for one of the best items in the game, the Kinetic Boots

13.   When mining, keep an eye out for a vein of Heartstone. This can be converted into wonderful Health Crystals and can boost you heath beyond the normal 400 maximum by making Greater Health Crystals in Hardmode.

Mid-Normal Mode (boss killing time!)

1.       After you have Minishark or equivalent level weapon it is time for you to start killing bosses.  On top of the regular vanilla bosses there are two new ones: Desert Beak, and King Sting. It should be noted that these bosses are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, but they add flavor to the game. I’ll break them down for you:

2.       Desert Beak is summoned using The Beak (10 Beaks and 50 Sand at a Demon Altar) during the desert in the daytime. Killing him drops Titanium ore, some potions, and the Tome of Distant Past.

a.        The Tome is useful because you can spam it at a wall and pick up the Bones. These can be used to make a set of Necro armor with no trouble

b.      The Titanium ore is needed to make a Titanium Drill, which is needed before you enter Hardmode.

c.       If you have patience and a lot of Beaks, you can farm this boss for his ore and make a full set of Titanium Armor, the best in Normal Mode.

3.       King Sting is summoned using Hornet Food (15 Stingers, 30 spore powder [6 jungle spores at an alchemy table] at a Demon Altar).

a.       He drops Jungle Ore, needed for Jungle gear and, like Desert Beak, it is usually much faster farming this boss than looking for the ore manually.

4.       I greatly suggest holding onto 50 blocks of Meteorite for Dark and Light soul farming in Hardmode.

5.       When you kill Skeletron, you can summon him again by crafting Skull. It can only be used once he is dead.

6.       You should still explore the dungeon. Some of the items you get from the chests can be used to make later-on gear, and you want to pick up a Shadow Key for the future.

7.       Be sure to snag a Double Harpoon, if you get two harpoons from the Goblin invasion. It’s a pretty good weapon.

Late Normal Mode [Aka Blood Moon Juking for fun and profit]

1.       By now you should have gotten down to lava level. I suggest creating your favorite style of lava-trap for harvesting the floating eyeballs, and other monsters, because that is what comes next:

a.       By now, I hope you have had a Blood Moon, because one of the new floating eyes can drop a Bloodshot Lens which is essential in crafting the Attraction Potion

b.      Using these Attraction Potions, create a Blood Moon and stand in your harvester.  You want to collect more lens, bloody lens, and several Black Lens (don’t you DARE make them into Sunglasses!). This will take several nights, but be patient. I suggest a Water Candle, Battle Potion, and Crystal Skull to make everything go faster.

c.       These lenses are needed for pretty much everything in the future.

d.      If you have a bunny statue or two you can forget about worrying about money ever again.

2.       Before you kill the Wall of Flesh, be sure to gather several Guide Voodoo dolls and make them into Guide Summon Dolls. You will want to farm the Wall of Flesh many times to get the Souls of Fire for a Lava Talisman, and the correct reagents for a Damage Emblem (or others).

3.       The following is a shopping list of the items you want before going into Hardmode. I suggest putting set of gear into a designated chest so you can find them easily later :

a.       Lens Apparatus : 10 Bloodshot lens, 20 lens, 1 Black Lens

b.      Kinetic Boots: Speed Talisman, Shiny Red Balloon, Specter Boots, Obsidian Shield (crafted later)

c.       2-3 Mana Flowers for various items

d.      Lava Talisman : 10 Fireblossom, 1 Obsidian Skull, 1 Lava Bucket, 10 Hellstone, 20 Fire Shards

e.      Dark Matter Chunk : A few hundred Ebonstone (crafted later)

f.    Night’s Edge

g.       Twilight Repeater

h.        Moonphaser: 1 Bloodshot Lens, 5 Lens, 2 Black Lens,  20 Gold Bars


Early Hardmode

Early Hardmode is not much different from the vanilla. Collect Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite, make a set of Mythril/Adamantite armor for bosses, farm Mimics...

  1. Mimic accessories can be combined into your first superaccessory: Star Cloak + Cloud in a Bottle + Cross Necklace + Damage Emblem + Band of Regeneration = Power of Cthulhu. This accessory, combining Charm of Myths, Star Veil, Damage Emblem, is useful until Oblivion, which is much, MUCH later in the game.
  2. Farm as much crystals as possible - as they are needed for the Crystal Edge, which grants straight +10 damage on ALL weapons.
  3. You will encounter new monsters called Mimes in caves. Farm them as much as possible - they can drop Elixir of Lifes, which recover 400 HP, and a Mana Compromise, which is needed for the creation of Ancient Armor.
  4. Some useful early hardmode magic weapons can be made in Avalon: the Starstorm(remember the stars you saved?), the Cursed Flamelash and the Freeze Bolt(Supposedly Devil's Scythe, but souls of fire are currently broken, being moved to Superhardmode, but not taken out of the respective items). Starstorm can be used in conjuntion with +dmg accessories to absolutely WRECK destroyer.
  5. New Boomerangs and Flails can be made with Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite, as well as the Cursed Flail(a Sunfury upgrade).
  6. You can make a Timechanger using souls of Light, Night, 30 gold bars and the watches. It can be really handy to shortcut to night for a boss fight/certain items sold only during the night. Moonphaser can also be made, which allows for changing the phase of the moon and(most importantly) casting bloodmoons.

Mid-to-late Hardmode(Killing the mechanical bosses)

There are 3 new hardmode bosses added in Avalon: Cataryst, Steelfang, and Mechasting.

  1. Cataryst is especially important because killing him spawns Hallowed and Corrupted ore, which is required for further progression.
  2. It is recommended to start from the Destroyer and make the Megashark(excalibur if you are going melee), then use that for other bosses.
  3. Neptune's Shell is required for the ultimate mobility item - the Kinetic Boots. Farm Prime at least 4 times(Flamethrower, Gungnir for the Darklight lance, Neptune's shell, Hamdrax, Soul Essences)
  4. You need to kill Cataryst at least 2 times, which means 2 black lens, which means you need to farm bloodmoons. Change time to night, spam moonphaser until bloodmoon rises, then use a water candle and a Battle Potion and farm the Bloodshot Eyes.
  5. Mechasting is agreed upon to be the hardest of all hardmode bosses, and you probably want to kill it last. Souls of Delight are used for The Golden Flames spell, the Spectrum Breastplate, and the very powerul Crystal Skull. After your first kill of it, make the Crystal Skull from 10 spelunker potions, 10 mega spelunker potions, 10 hunter potions, 10 shine potions, 20 Souls of Light, 50 Crystal Shards and 10 Souls of Delight. It provides permanent effect of all the above potions, allowing for instant ore and mob spotting.
  6. Getting the Hamdrax allows you to mine Hallowed Ore and Caesium Ore. Caesium set is highly recommended for fighting Mechasting and Steelfang, as they are the hardest hardmode bosses. Also, the full set provides a Lava Merfolk effect(same as the Neptune's Shell, but for lava)
  7. Hallowed Bars and Souls of Plight can be made into the Axe of Emancipation, which is required to break into the castle at the left side of the Underworld. In the castle, you will find a chest containing the Autonomic Drill, an essential tool in mining Corrupted and most Superhardmode ores. You can also find the Devil's Scythe(crafting it is only possible in Superhardmode because of the souls of fire) and Illegal Weapon Instructions. If you find the Illegal Weapon Instructions, use it to create the Vertex of Excalibur, which is one of the most powerful swords in the game. Golden Flames can be farmed off Gargoyles, which are used to make the spells The Golden Flames and Starfall.
  8. Combining all the souls you have collected so far will yield Soul Essences, which are needed for a boss summon later on and Ancient(Mana Stynger).
  9. Once you are ready to enter Superhardmode, create a Dark Matter Chunk from 20 Souls of Night, 10 Corrupted Bars and 200 ebonstone blocks at a hallowed altar and use it at night to spawn the Armaggedon Slime. The boss is really easy, but will take a while: stay back, dodge the fireballs and attack with ranged/magic weapons. After you deliver the last hit, you'll enter Superhardmode.


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