2013-02-03 00002

The Tropics, as of 14.3

The Tropics biome is a new biome that will be generated in your world upon entering Superhardmode. It will overtake the ocean on one side of your map, and in it will spawn Man of War and Salmon NPCs. This biome is made up of Black Sand tiles, Tropical Mud and Grass, and Tropic Stone.

If you enter the Tropics, you'll get an achievement: 'Jungle!... not?'


  • Black Sand Blocks replace the normal sand blocks; they can also be crafted with other materials into Reinforced Glass and Impervious Brick.
  • Tropical Mud and Grass Block: replace the grass and the dirt/mud. the Grass grows over the Mud.
  • Tropic Stone: replaces all normal stone.