Titanium Bar
The Titanium Bar is a mineral bar in Avalon. It is smelted by combining 4 Titanium Ore at a Furnace .

Used in

Titanium Ore

Titanium Ore 2
Titanium Ore is a material that can be found in small pockets in the underground or dropped by the Desert Beak.

It needs to be mined with a pick or drill that has 55% or more pickaxe power; an example of such a pick would be the Gold Pickaxe.



Titanium Ore looks like a darker version of stone so finding it can be a bit hard. A Spelunker Potion is recomended to use and being in the Jungle can also help, because it's more open and contains more ores than normal.

Searching at the top of the Underworld helps too, because Titanium Ore is more common the deeper you go.

Titanium is replaced with Rhodium or Osmium in the source version of Avalon for Terraria

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