The Wastelands are a Burning World biome that is currently heavy in planning and coding. It will be introduced as a Hammer and Sword update feature.

Trash and Recycling

Trash randomly spawns in The Wastelands. This trash can have a variety of effects when gathered. Some trash can be repaired into a fully-functional component at a Repairing Station. All trash can be recycled at a Recycler, what gives back the basic resources. The Wastelands are the only biome in which you will find plastic. In a more broader term, this biome is neccessary for finding some normal-world resources that the Burning World destroyed.
Beta Recycler

The Beta Recycler for the Wastelands.

Dynamics of the Wastelands

The Wastelands are sludgy, polluted, and generally disgusting. Several unique species of life grow here, as well as some unique enemies spawning. Giant Brackish Mushrooms spawn here. These must be cleaned in order to be used. Resistant Bushes are also found here, and can be planted only in the Wastelands. The Wastelands are also home to the Lava Sea.


Several enemies spawn in the Wastelands, all unique to the biome.

Polluted Scum: A gooey, slime-like creature that changes form between a slime and a zombie.

Wasteland Crawler: An enemy that acts similar to an Unicorn, though fires Wasteland Dirt at the player.

More are still being planned and coded. This list will update when more are added.

The Lava Sea

The Lava Sea is what the name suggests, a sea of lava. Because of the Burning World's lava damage buff that makes the Lava Talisman useless, this is a heavy-thinking scenario. There are several ways to go about this, though some of the ways require Hazcore gear.

The Lava Sea has rare ores found at the bed, as well as Wasteland Sludge mixed in with the ore. In order to mine this successfully, one must have the Hazcore gear in order to survive the Sludge, and be very cautious of the Burning World's lava.


Bullseye55 is coding the trash, recycler, repair station, wildlife, and enemies of The Wastelands, as well as the Lava Sea's ores.

Blahblahbal is coding the generation of The Wastelands, trash spawning, and the Lava Sea generation.

Bullseye55 got the trash mechanic from playing The Sims 3 and then a following chat with Blahblahbal. All the different collectables in The Sims 3 made him think of the system.

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