The Golden Flames
The Golden Flames
Type Magic weapon
Sub-Type Tome
Tooltip 'The flames are made of gold!'
Damage (?) 70
Crit. Chance 11
Use Time 60 (Snail)
Knockback 6 (Average)
Rarity Tier 5 (Magenta)
Mana Cost 14
Crafted With Makes 1
1 Spell TomeSpell Tome
30 Hallowed Bar Hallowed Bar
5 Golden Flame Golden Flame
5 FireblossomFireblossom
20 Soul of LightSoul of Light
10 Soul of Delight Soul of Delight
Crafted At Bookcasebookcase
The Golden Flames is a magic weapon in Avalon. It has a base damage of 59, snail speed, and high knockback. When it is used, it will fire a slow-moving golden fireball that will explode on contact with a tile, causing smaller gold flames to spread out from the explosion. The Corrupted counterpart to this weapon is The Blackened Flames.

To craft, it requires:

Golden Flame
The vital material in this weapon is the Golden Flame, picture at right. It can be found in the Hellcastle chest, and dropped from the Juggernaut or a Cursed Magma Skeleton.

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