1.2+ AvalonMod

The Dark Matter is a special biome that can only be created by the player, and never occurs naturally. Once created, it can spread out of control very quickly unless precautions are took. The Dark Matter allows you to skip the three tiers before the Hellcastle, and directly be able to combat the two Guardian enemies with weapons that are effective against them. This comes at the cost of a possible world calamity, and a much harder game.

The Dark Matter is characterised by random enemy stats, gloomy and eerie terrain, as well as a black hole background.

How to Create

A Dark Matter biome never occurs naturally, but can be player created by placing Dark Matter Ooze in an area, with more than 200 tiles present of the ooze. Be careful in doing this, as having an active Dark Matter biome will change a lot of things.

Dark Matter spreads at the highest rate of any biome, and can easily swallow whole biomes. Be very careful if you want to unleash this calamity!


Once you create the Dark Matter, it can be stopped with only Light Matter Ooze. Light Matter Ooze is found underground only after a true Dark Matter is created, and doesn't have any biome of its own, unlike Dark Matter. Light Matter Ooze neutralizes any Dark Matter Ooze within a 20 block radius. Use Light Matter Ooze to stop, contain, or kill the Dark Matter biome. As Light Matter Ooze is only found after a true Dark Matter is created, it can be quite a scramble to contain it.

If a Dark Matter can't find anywhere to spread to, it wil begin creating more of itself and spreading through empty tiles. Be aware that empty spaces will not work due to this property.


The Dark Matter's enemies seem to be composed of the same ooze of what the biome is made of. Dark Matter enemies have highly randomized stats, and spawn very commonly, so they can be hard to deal with, even with Frost Moon weaponry.

NPCs here are unknown at this date, except for the Dark Slime. There will be at least one boss for the Dark Matter.


The Dark Matter consumes and eats over nearly anything it touches. Player structures are at risk if Light Matter Ooze is not present where the Dark Matter can seep into. The Dark Matter converts any backwalls it finds into either Dark Matter Brickwall, Dark Matter Wall, or Dark Matter Treewall.

Trees in this enviroment grow automatically, and at very fast speeds. Trees will drop Dark Matter Wood as well as several glumps of Dark Matter Ooze when cut down. Dark Matter Wood is a safe material to use, if you plan on living in the Dark Matter.

More information coming soon.

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