Item 3010
Type Magic weapon
Sub-Type Homing
Tooltip Fires a spread of typhoons
Damage (?) 102
Crit. Chance 13
Speed 25 (Fast)
Use Time 25 (Average)
Knockback 7 (Strong)
Rarity Tier 9 (Cyan)
Mana Cost 20
Sell Value 50 Gold Coin
Continuous Attack True
Crafted With Makes 1
1 Item 3008 The Golden Flames
1 Item 2870 Devil's Scythe
1 Razorblade Razorblade Typhoon
1 Item 3009 Broken Vigilante Tome
Crafted At Item 3006 Xeradon Anvil

Terraspin is a powerful endgame magic weapon in the source mod, Exxo Avalon. It fires homing green typhoons at breakneck speed, making it very useful for enemies like the Impact Wizard.

It is the magic version of the Terra Blade in a sense.

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