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Welcome to the Terraria Avalon Mod wiki!


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Avalon Main News and Download

Updates for TAPI halted due to an unclear future. Summarizing ideas for when we start back

Give PoroCYon a good wish. He's been in the hospital.

Last updated: May 15th, 2015.

Download the Tconfig version here: 16.6  (1 .1.2 Terraria Version - Unsupported.)

This wiki is all about the mod for Terraria called Avalon. AvalonMod's main post can be found at

Avalon Wiki/Game News

Game News: AvalonMod 1.2.2 TAPI is being worked on. Remember. Have a suggestion or want? Post it in the AvalonMod TerrariaOnline thread!

Wiki News: Dark Matter pages have been added.

AvalonMod Content

Current Avalon Staff - Alphabetical Order.








Star and Moon.

Beta Testers: Kabuta, Nopezal, IBowser123, Number13, Wooren, Managedant.

For more information, view the Divisions page! 

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  • Moneyman7654

    I know i said blood instead of bloodshot if I mixed you up I am sorry

    Im not sure if anyone else is having this happen to them but no bloodshoteyes spawn I dont know if its a glitch or im just dumb but please help me I am trying to get to superhardmode please and thank you

    --Moneyman7654 (talk) 01:31…

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  • Txbearclaw

    Do servers work?

    June 28, 2015 by Txbearclaw

    I have been trying to host a server, but it instantly crashes, does anyone have any solutions? Thank you.

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  • new page Blah's Armor Set
    created by PixelOldGamer, Avalon Guardian
    New page: Contents[show] Blah's Armor Edit Blah's armor set is the end-game overall armor in the Exxo Avalon Mod, which is obtainable soon after Oblivion's...
    Summary: Created a page for the Blah's armor set. If anyone has the actual sprites for the armor set, please allow me to get the sprites.
    Added photos:

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  • edit Desert Beak
    edited by Jarus96 diff
    Summary: Максимальное ХП
  • edit Ultrablivion
    edited by Burnuts360 diff
    Edited the section: Stats:
  • discussion page Personality
    comment by CrimsonGemini


    I am a 12 year old that likes sandbox games of all sorts, especially ones that involve mining and survival  



    a lot of people like that good stuff. like me. 

  • discussion page Why you put "hi" on King Sting page?
    comment by CrimsonGemini


    read title  

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    Summary: Someone has put a useless picture, thus I have deleted it.

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    Summary: Editing a gallery
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  • edit Soul of Fire
    edited by CrimsonGemini diff
    Summary: I added how to fix the wall of flesh not dropping the souls of fire bug


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