Armageddon Slime In Action

Armageddon Slime in action!

Superhardmode is a game mode triggered by the defeat of the Armageddon Slime and is characterized by the appearance of tougher enemies than in Hardmode, as well as the Tropics appearing. These enemies include Armored Wraith, Cursed Magma Skeleton, Corrupted Elemental, Juggernaut, Mechanical Digger, Man of War, Salmon, Vampire Harpy, Armored Hell Corruptor, Aegis Hallowor, and the Guardian Corruptor. In this game mode, there is a chance for random bosses to spawn on the player day or night, depending on the area the player is currently in. The spawning of these bosses is not affected by a Blood Moon or any other spawn rate increasing or decreasing effect, except for the player's town.

When you enter Superhardmode, there will be four messages:

- "Your world has been infected with Dark Matter!"

- "The ancient souls have been disturbed..."

- "Something is hiding on top of your world..."

- "Armageddon Slime has been defeated!"

The first message tells you that a new ore has been spawned, Dark Matter. You will find this ore below the rock layer, in small pockets. The second message informs you about the change in game mode to Superhardmode. The third message tells you that the Sky Fortress has been spawned on the very top of your world on the left side. The fourth message is obviously telling you that the Armageddon Slime has been defeated.

When you enter Superhardmode, there will be significant lag. This is normal, and it is because many changes have been enacted. The Tropics biome will spawn on one side of your world, overtaking the ocean there. In the Tropics will spawn Salmon and Man of War NPCs. The spawn rate there is also increased, so be careful.

In the source mod, players will notice enemies in Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode enemies being somewhat stronger during Superhardmode. Examples include Green Slimes with 100 HP and The Destroyer with 120000 HP. Superhardmode does not just affect other enemies' health, it also racks up their damage higher, meaning even some Hardmode enemies can be threats when starting Superhardmode as well.