Sky Fortress

Part of the Sky Fortress.


The Sky Fortress is added to your world upon entering Superhardmode.

It will spawn on the left side of the map, usually above the floating island level.

It is made from Reinforced Glass, a tile only breakable with the Dragon Bone Drill or the Instantanium Drill.

To get in, you need the Axe of Emancipation.

It is currently not in the source mod.

The Chest

The chest in the Sky Fortress is a Platinum Chest.

In the chest you will find:

Also found in the Sky Fortress is a vital resource for creating placeable Hallowed Altars: Hallowstone Blocks. There is a limited number of these blocks; only 590 exist within one Sky Fortress. Hallowstone Blocks can also be crafted from 1 Hallowed Ore and 1 Pearlstone Block at a Hellforge.


• Very commonly, the Sky Fortress will not spawn upon reaching Superhardmode. (Please confirm)