Shadow Potion

The Shadow Potion, when drunk, allows the player to teleport to the cursor when pressing the J key(V in Exxo Avalon). It has a 5 second cooldown before you can teleport again.

To craft a Shadow Potion, you must gather:

  • 10 Fallen Stars
  • 10 Deathweed
  • 10 Waterleaf
  • 10 Bottled Water
  • You get 10

The crafting recipe is slightly different in Exxo Avalon. It is:

  • 5 Bottled Water
  • 9 Chaos Dust
  • 3 Waterleaf
  • 3 Fireblossom
  • At an Alchemy Station for a yield of 5 potions.

The buff icon.

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