Shadow Mirror
Shadow Mirror
Type Accessory
Body slot Accessory
Max stack 1
Mana cost 30
Use time 89 (Snail)
Rarity Orange
Tooltip Gaze in the mirror to return home
Allows the wearer to teleport to the cursor, press J
Sell 10 Gold Coin

The Shadow Mirror is a new accessory in Avalon. It combines the functionality of the Magic Mirror when used and the Shadow Potion when equipped. Its crafting recipe is this:

It is crafted at a Navigator's Array.

In the source mod, the Shadow Mirror no longer has the Shadow Potion effect, and is no longer an accessory. This also has a different recipe, as follows:

  • 2 Magic Mirrors
  • 40 Fallen Stars
  • 20 Diamonds
  • 7 Chlorophyte Bars
  • 10 Ectoplasm


The Shadow Mirror can also be used to teleport to various waypoints. These include: Dungeon, Jungle, Left Ocean, Right Ocean, Spawn Point(default the original spawn unless you change it by using a bed), and Underworld. To change modes, press N while the item is selected on your hotbar. This functionality is somewhat buggy in multiplayer, though you can still teleport to all but the Jungle and the Dungeon.

In the source mod, there is Dungeon, Jungle (sometimes buggy), Left/Right Ocean, Underworld, Random (Teleportation Potion effect), and your Spawn Point/bed.

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