Oblivion Greatsword
Oblivion Greatsword
Type Melee weapon
Sub-Type Swords
Damage (?) 49
Crit. Chance 3
Use Time 32 (Slow)
Knockback 7 (Strong)
Rarity Tier 6 (Purple)
Sell Value 1 Platinum Coin
Crafted With Makes 1
45 Oblivion Bar Oblivion Bar
50 Dark Matter Gel Dark Matter Gel
50 Soul of Blight Soul of Blight
Crafted At Adamantite AnvilAdamantite Anvil

The Oblivion Greatsword is a Superhardmode sword.

It has 49 Base damage, 7% Critical strike, Slow attack speed and a Strong Knockback.

It will automatically swing when the attack key is held down.

Off note: At this time making this weapon is not recommended. It is comparable to swords which are already craftable by the time you fight Oblivion and the components needed to craft this weapon requires on average defeating Oblivion twice to get. However, the special power of this weapon is that it is able to instantly kill any non-boss NPC.

To craft it requires: