Oblivion is the penultimate boss in Avalon.



HP: 50000

Attack: 90

Defense: 50


Spawns World Feeders in first phase and sometimes The Destroyer, then Mechanical Diggers and The Destroyer (sometimes) in the second phase. Fires lasers and cursed fireballs. But it has to spawn The Destroyer atleast once.

Head 1:

HP: 100000

Attack: 100

Defense: 55

Head 2:

HP: 80000

Attack: 125

Defense: 75

Abilities: When Head 1's life goes below half, Infernaspaz is spawned. When Head 2's life goes below half, Astigmatazer is summoned.


TConfig drops:

Exxo Avalon Drops

  • 100% - 150-250 Oblivion Ore
  • 10% - Oblivion Trophy
  • 100% - Acceleration Drill
  • 25% - Souls of Torture, Blight, Jungle, Fright, Might, and Sight (Collectively from each of his minions)
  • 100% - 5-7 Elixirs of Life
  • 25% - Life Dew
  • 100% - 1 Victory Piece

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