Nil mode was an additional mode exclusive for Exxo Avalon added in 7.0 version. It could be activated by defeating Oblivion 10 times. On the tenth time, there should be a message, "The sky darkens..." It was however removed later due to unfixable bugs.


  • Everything in Terraria has been buffed extremely so this means that slimes can harm and kill you even with the most OP gear in the mod.
  • 2 new ores(Unvolandite and Vorazylcum but you could only get 1 type of ore depending on your world) will spawn upon smashing new altars called Nil Shrines(spawns after Oblivion's 10th defeat).
  • The more you progress with Nil Mode, the harder it'll become.

Pumpkin Moon's OP buff:

  • Trying to defeat the Pumpkin Moon Event on Nil Mode is almost impossible due to Nil Mode's buffs. For example, Pumpking bosses have as much health as Oblivion.

Known Bugs/Glitches:

  • Nil Shrines will spawn EVERYWHERE in your world when you defeated Oblivion on the 10th time
  • The game glitches out(Guide Help Menu disappears/item disappears from Guide's Crafting Help Item Slot/game crashes/extreme lag) when you give the Guide NPC a Unvolandite or Vorazylcum Bar.
  • You can't mine Unvolandite/Vorazylcum ore, even with Blah's Picksaw(425% pickaxe power) but you can mine both ores with Acceleration Drill(400% pickaxe power)

The shrine glitch(note that the red altars are the shrines and they are everywhere in the arena).


More shrines in the player's base.


"OH DEAR GOD THEYRE EVERYWHERE": TheSpazticT4cOz on Terraria Forums


More shrines


Well, that's a lovely hat you've got there.


Unvolandite Bar Guide Crafting Help Glitch(the menu disappeared)