When i hear the word cataryst, i think of some kind of gem. so i thought of the idea of like "why doesn't the cataryst look like someone/something sealed inside a crystal (the crystal that appears above you when you get chlorophyte armor, but different-ish) and the thing inside is its second form" the first form could shoot lazers like the original cataryst and occasionally get a shield making it invincible but uses low tier attacks. then in the second form it has a new attack pattern and smaller hit box making it more difficult. the first form could teleport but not on the person just really close, and it doesnt teleport that much. but the second form is somewhere around duke fishron speed, not too much damage off course (unless you make it end game boss xD) otherwise it would be too powerful. i would try to draw it, but my drawing skills suck so, yeah. this is my idea for a new cataryst. hope others agree too, this would be a cool thing for the mod :D

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