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The Navigator is a town NPC added in Avalon. Like other town NPCs, he has 250 max life, and can sell things to you. The list of items for sale in his shop:

This town NPC will spawn when you have a vacant house and when you are in Superhardmode.


Quotes from the Navigator are still being worked on, but here are the lines that he has so far:

  • "Navigating is easy if you have the right tools."
  • "Navigation for the right price: cheap!"
  • "Lost your way? I have exactly what you need!"
  • "Hard to port!"
  • "Ahoy matey!"
  • "...the arctangent of the angle of inclination-- Oh, did you need something?"
  • "I once dreamt I was piloting a starship."
  • "Compass: check. GPS: check. Watch: check. Sextant: Wait, I know I have one somewhere..."
  • "My GPS keeps leading me astray. Care to help me fix it?"

If it is night:

  • "Look up to find your way."
  • "The north star is exceptionally bright tonight."

If it's a Blood Moon:

  • "Quit it! You've broken my compass!"
  • "Go find someone else to show you the way!"
  • "I won't be bothered by scum like you."

If you've saved the Wizard:

  • "[wizardname] doesn't know anything about stars!"

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