Meteor Longsword
Meteor Longsword
Type Melee weapon
Sub-Type Swords
Damage (?) 20
Crit. Chance 2
Use Time 20 (Fast)
Knockback 3 (Very Weak)
Rarity Tier 1 (Blue)
Sell Value 16 Silver Coin
Crafted With Makes 1
25 Meteorite BarMeteorite Bar
Crafted At Iron AnvilIron Anvil
The Meteor Longsword is a new easymode sword in Avalon. It has a base damage of 20, and weak knockback. Crafting one requires 25 Meteorite Bars at an Anvil. It's also slightly better than Light's Bane, though crafting a Light's Bane is essential in Avalon because of its requirement in Night's Edge, which is required in the Vertex of Excalibur.