Kinetic Boots
Kinetic Boots is arguably the best superaccessory in Avalon. To craft one, the player must obtain 8 regular accessories:
  • 20 Souls of Might,10 Souls of Sight, 5 Souls of Fright
  • Tinkerer's Workshop
  • You get one

And Kinetic Boots Gold is crafted from:

This superaccessory gives you 5 defense, and all the other effects of the required accessories, some even better.

There are four regular varieties of Kinetic Boots: D, DS, S, and no suffix. Kinetic Boots D give you Demon Wings, and as such, require Demon Wings instead of Angel Wings. The S signifies the slower version. You can also upgrade Kinetic Boots and the D version to Kinetic Boots Gold by obtaining the items shown above.

  • normal Kinetic Boots
  • Kinetic Boots D: Demon Wings
  • Kinetic Boots S: Slower
  • Kinetic Boots DS: Kinetic Boots D + S
  • Kinetic Boots Gold: Golden Wings
In the source mod, this accessory got replaced with the Inertia Boots.