The Juggernaut.


The Juggernaut is a mini-boss that only spawns in the Underground Layer in Superhardmode.

It has:

  • 150 Damage
  • 75 Defense
  • 5000 max life
  • Lava immunity

When it is hit with any weapon, it will spawn other Skeleton NPCs, including the Skeleton, Armored Skeleton, Magma Skeleton, and Cursed Magma Skeleton.

On death, the Juggernaut will drop:

  • ~50 Gold Coins
  • 10-17 Souls of Vigor - 30%
  • 2-3 Magmatic Bars - 5%
  • 2-3 Dark Matter Bars - 8%
  • 1 Hardmode Bar - 1%
  • 1 Blackened Flame - 5%
  • 1 Cursed Flame - 5%
  • 1 Golden Flame - 3%

It has the AI of a Unicorn, and is therefore very speedy. It has very high knockback resistance, so be careful when fighting one. (Poro coded it...)


So close!

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