Icy Greatsword
Icy Greatsword
Type Melee weapon
Sub-Type Swords
Tooltip Has a chance to freeze
Damage (?) 31
Use Time 35 (Very Slow)
Knockback 3 (Very Weak)
Inflicts Freeze
Rarity Tier 2 (Green)
Found In Ice Cave (soon)
Crafted With Makes 1
50 Ice Block Ice Block
100 White Gel White Gel
5 Ice Shard 2 Ice Shard
50 Snow Block Snow Block
15 Demonite Bar Demonite Bar
Crafted At Iron AnvilIron Anvil

The Icy Greatsword is a new Avalon easymode sword.

It has 31 Base damage, 4% Critical strike, Slow attack speed and a Very weak knockback.

It will NOT automatically swing when the attack key is held down.

The power of this weapon is that it has a random chance to freeze an enemy in its tracks.

To craft, it requires: 50 Ice Block, 100 White Gel, 5 Ice Shard, 50 Snow Block, and 15 Demonite Bar at an Anvil.