Item 3105
Type Ranged weapon
Sub-Type Gun
Tooltip Fires a powerful, high velocity bullet | Most bullets turn into Explosive rounds
Damage (?) 100
Crit. Chance 14
Use Time 30 (Slow)
Knockback 12 (Insane)
Rarity Tier 11 (Dark Purple)
Sell Value 30 Gold Coin
Found In Underworld Chest
Continuous Attack yes
This item cannot be crafted.
The Hellrazer is a ranged weapon in the source version of Avalon. It is essentially an auto-reuse Sniper Rifle. It does 100 damage and has an extremely slow speed. This weapon is found in the Underworld Chest in the Dungeon, which can be unlocked with an Underworld Key.


This item's sprite is a recolor of the Expulsor Cannon from the tConfig version of the mod.

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