The Hellcastle.

The Hellcastle is found in the Underworld, to the left. It is characterized by a higher spawn rate, and only Hellbats, Blazes, and Gargoyles will spawn inside and around it.

It has thick walls made of Impervious Brick, which can be mined with an Autonomic Drill or higher.

Also in the Hellcastle are Poison Spikes, which will damage and poison the player.

The Hellfire Chest is locked by Resistant Wood, which can be 'mined' by the Axe of Emancipation. This results in getting 2 achievements:

WoF's house? - for having the Hellcastle at your screen

Hellcastle, here I come! - for having the Axe of Emancipation in your inventory

Brimstone Block

Brimstone Block

In the basement of the castle is a Hellfire Chest placed, guarded by a wall of Brimstone Block and Caesium Ore, and is in a safe made of Resistant Wood, protected by 2 Dart Traps and Poison Spikes.

In the rest of the Hellcastle are traps, books, torches and lamps found. On the shelves of books can spawn Illegal Weapon Instructions And The Devil's Scythe Magic Weapon.


The chest can contain: