The Hallowor is actually much bigger.

Hallow Spit

The Hallowor is a hardmode NPC that acts much like the Corruptor, except that it will fire Hallow Spit at the player if it has a line of sight. This Hallow Spit will turn tiles into the Hallow on contact.

When a Hallowor and Corruptor collide, there will be the message, "Dark and light have been obliterated..." and in the two NPCs' place will spawn a small diamond of Oblivion Ore.

Mining the ore will result in getting the achievement 'Like a baws'.

The Hallowor can drop:

  • 10% - 1 Crystal Shard
  • 4% - 1 Light Shard
  • 50% - 1-4 Pixie Dust
  • ~10 Silver Coin


a Hallower and a Corruptor collided wich each other.