Lava Talisman
Hades' Cross is an accessory that is quite useful. It can be obtained in early to mid-hardmode, and provides the Neptune's Shell effect for lava. It is craftable from 10 Fireblossom, 1 Obsidian Skull, 1 Lava Bucket, 10 Hellstone, 35 Soul of Fire, and 20 Fire Shards at a Tinkerer's Workshop. This accessory is required in the Kinetic Boots recipe, and the effect is given as the bonus of the Caesium Armor set.

The effect in-game.

Lava Merfolk form.

Bullseye55's 1.2 Dev Notes: Attainable at the end of the revamped Hellcastle dungeon, which is at the end of Hardmode. Found in a Hellfire Chest.

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