Guardian Corruptor

The Guardian Corruptor is a Superhardmode NPC that will fire a spread of three Vile Spit at the player when it has a line of sight to them. Its stats are as follows:

  • 700 HP
  • Deals 95 base contact damage
  • Has 40 defense
  • Is immune to the Confused debuff
  • Has medium knockback resistance

On death, it can drop:

  • 1 Dark Shard, at a 4% chance
  • 1 Blackened Flame, at a 0.7% chance
  • 1-2 Rotten Chunk, at a 40% chance

It spawns in the Superhardmode Corruption biome. (chance of a corruptor spawning / 2, more accurately a 1/10 chance.)


  • The sprite of this NPC is by Dr Death, but animated by Drdragonfly.
  • When this NPC collides with an Aegis Hallowor, it creates a larger smudge of Oblivion Ore than a Corruptor/Hallowor collision.
  • The back part of it shares the same sprite as the Eater of Worlds' tail

2013-04-14 00001

The spread of Vile Spit

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