Item 2752

The Goblin Army Knife is a new accessory in the Exxo Avalon source mod. It provides many bonuses, including:

  • 7% increased damage
  • 2% increased critical strike chance
  • Tells time
  • Shows position
  • The holder can jump 5 times before landing
  • The holder emits an aura of light
  • Can craft Tinkerer's Workshop, Work Bench, and Anvil items by hand
  • Greatly increases length of invincibility after taking damage
  • Doubles item grab range


To craft one, you must gather:

  • 1 Goblin Toolbelt
  • 1 Jellyfish Necklace
  • 1 Destroyer Emblem
  • 1 Cross Necklace
  • 1 Bundle of Balloons
  • 1 Magnet
  • 5 Hunter Potions
  • 5 Spelunker Potions

And be near a Mythril-tier Anvil.


  • The name of this item is a combination of 'Swiss Army Knife,' the common all-in-one tool, and 'Goblin Army.'

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