Eye of Oblivion

An Eye of Oblivion will summon Oblivion when used at night. It is one of the hardest items in Avalon to craft because it requires all the summoning items for all the bosses in Avalon and in vanilla Terraria, except for the Slime Crown and the Guide Voodoo Doll.

How to craft 7 at a Demon Altar:

  • 9 Lens
  • 21 Rotten Chunk
  • 30 Vile Powder
  • 60 Bone
  • 17 Beak
  • 21 Stinger
  • 30 Spore Powder
  • 20 Pixie Dust
  • 21 Soul of Night
  • 26 Soul of Light
  • 30 Copper Bar
  • 30 Iron Bar
  • 3 Undead Shard
  • 5 Easymode Bar
  • 5 Hardmode Bar


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