Ever Frost Armor is obtainable after the defeat of Oblivion. Set Bonus Permanent Archery and Pierce Buff.

To make the entire set it requires 65 Ice Shards , 120 Ever Ice Bars , 75 Souls of Ice, 160 Ice Blocks , and 75 Souls of Blight as well as the Dragon Lord Armor.

Ever Frost Headgear

Ever Frost Headgear

1 Dragon Lord Helmet, 20 Ice Shards , 30 Ever Ice Bars , 10 Soul of Ices , 10 Ice Blocks , and 20 Souls of Blight 55 defense


35% increased ranged damage 

+10% chance to not consume ammo 

Ever Frost Breastplate

  Ever Frost Breastplate

1 Dragon Lord Breastplate , 20 Ice Shards , 50 Ever Ice Bars , 50 Soul of Ices , 100 Ice Blocks , 30 Souls of Blight

30 defense 


Increased life regeneration

Greatly increases length of invincibility after taking damage 

The wearer can double-jump 

Crystal Skull effect 

25% chance to not consume ammo 

+10% increased ranged critical strike chance

Ever Frost Greaves

Ever Frost Greaves

1 Dragon Lord Greaves , 25 Ice Shards , 40 Ever Ice Bars , 15 Souls of Ice , 50 Ice Blocks , 25 Souls of Blight

29 defense


10% increased movement speed

Reduces the cool-down of healing potions 

+5% chance to not consume ammo 

Lightning strikes when damaged  

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