Essence Phaseblade
Essence Phaseblade
Type Melee weapon
Sub-Type Swords
Damage (?) 25
Use Time 25 (Average)
Knockback 3.15 (Weak)
Rarity Tier 2 (Green)
Sell Value 1 Gold Coin
Material In Essence Phasesaber
Essence Phasesaber
Crafted With Makes 1
25 Meteorite BarMeteorite Bar
10 Gem Essence Gem Essence
Crafted At Iron AnvilIron Anvil
The Essence Phaseblade is an upgrade to the gem Phaseblades in vanilla Terraria. It can deal around 25 base damage, and has weak knockback. Crafting one requires the following:
  • 25 Meteorite Bars
  • 10 Gem Essences
  • Crafting station: Iron Anvil
  • You get one

This weapon can also be upgraded into the Essence Phasesaber by crafting it with 50 Crystal Shards at an Anvil. Its damage is 45.