Elemental Excalibur
Elemental Excalibur
Type Melee weapon
Sub-Type Swords
Tooltip 'The unification of the Elements'
Damage (?) 61
Crit. Chance 14
Use Time 20 (Fast)
Knockback 4 (Weak)
Inflicts frozen
On Fire!
Rarity Tier 6 (Purple)
Sell Value 10 Gold Coin
Crafted With 1 Vertex of Excalibur
Vertex of Excalibur
1 Magmatic Long Sword 2
Magmatic Long Sword
10 Air Shard 2 Air Shard
10 Earth Shard 2 Earth Shard
10 Ice Shard 2 Ice Shard
10 Jungle Shard 2 Jungle Shard
10 Dark ShardDark Shard
10 Undead Shard 2 Undead Shard
10 Light ShardLight Shard
10 Water Shard 2 Water Shard
50 Oblivion Bar Oblivion Bar
Crafted At Hallowed AltarHallowed Altar

The Elemental Excalibur is a Superhardmode upgrade to the Vertex of Excalibur and the final sword in Avalon.

It has 61 Base damage,18% Critical strike, Very fast attack speed and a Weak Knockback.

Of note: this weapon is about 10% larger than the Vertex of Excalibur, making it the 2nd largest melee sword in the game, only behind the Hallowed Greatsword in size. It will also automatically swing when the attack key is held down.

The weapon can inflict one of three debuffs on NPCs and players in PvP; Frozen/Freeze, Poisoned, and On Fire!.

To craft, it requires: 1 Vertex of Excalibur, 1 Magmatic Long Sword, 10 Air Shard, 10 Earth Shard, 10 Ice Shard, 10 Jungle Shard, 10 Dark Shard, 10 Undead Shard, 10 Light Shard, 10 Water Shard and 50 Oblivion Bar at a Hallowed Altar.

It is the objective of the Achievement "Elemental fury!"