Dual Harpoon
Dual Harpoon
Type Ranged weapon
Sub-Type Bows
Damage (?) 30
Crit. Chance 1
Use Time 28 (Average)
Knockback 6 (Average)
Rarity 3
Sell Value 1 Gold Coin
Crafted With Makes 1
2 HarpoonHarpoon
10 Steel Bar Steel Bar
3 Iron ChainIron Chain
Crafted At Iron AnvilIron Anvil

The Dual Harpoon is a ranged flail and the upgrade to the Harpoon. It can deal around 30 damage, and will fire two harpoon projectiles at the same time, usually returning at different times.


- Using a Dual Harpoon while stuck to a block using a Quad Whip will change the chain to the image of that used in the Quad Whip.

Sadly, in the source version of the Avalon mod for Terraria you can not craft the dual harpoon.

Quad Hook Glitch

A glitch when using the Quad Whip and the Dual Harpoon at the same time.