Dragon Lord Armor is the third best armor in Avalon. It provides a total of 105 defense when worn, and the bonus is 5 defense and increased stats.

Crafting and Stats

Dragon Lord Helmet
The Helmet's stats are as follows:
  • 25% increased melee and ranged damage
  • 5% increased critical strike chance
  • 30 Defense

Crafting one requires:

Dragon Lord Breastplate
The Breastplate has the following stats:
  • 15% increased movement speed
  • +80 mana
  • Reduces the cooldown of healing potions
  • 40 Defense

Crafting one requires:

Dragon Lord Greaves
The Greaves have the following stats:
  • 15% decreased mana usage
  • 20% increased magic damage
  • 15% increased ranged weapon velocity
  • 30 Defense

Crafting one requires:

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