BlahBlahBal Division:

Blahblahbal: Standard coding, Bugfixing, Putting the mod together, Making the mod more organized, releasing and updating forum post and versions.

PoroCYon: Networking, Experimental & other coding, Lots of bugfixing, tConfig relations & using new techniques (from new tConfig versions)

Drdragonfly: Spriting for Blahblahbal's Division.

GreenCat77: Advanced general coding.

Bullseye55 Division:

Bullseye55: Prehardmode, Hardmode coding, all-mode balancing. Wiki editing.

Star and Moon: Spriting sprites for Bullseye55.

Geneen: Spriting sprites for Bullseye55.

What we are working on:

Bullseye55: Leading the TAPI AvalonMod team and teaching the team TAPI's dynamics.

BlahBlahBal: Sourcemod, ideas, leading the team.

imkSushi: Working on Endo Avalon.

PoroCYon: Working on his own projects, for now.

Star and Moon: Doing a lot of sprites.

Geneen: Does a few sprites.

Drdragonfly: A few sprites here and there.

GreenCat77: Working on the cat's projects, I see.