The Desert Beak is a boss from the desert biome, summoned with The Beak during daytime, and in the Desert.



Flies around, charges, and tries to drop bombs on the player. These bombs do not hurt tiles.

If you get too far above him, he'll become immune to damage and start firing lasers.


  • 1-3 Beak (tConfig only)
  • 10-15 Heart
  • 5-8 Antlion Mandible (tConfig only)
  • 6-8 Lesser Healing Potion
  • 3-4 Gold Coins
  • 1 Tome of Distant Past (80% possibility of drop)
  • (tConfig) 20-30 Titanium ore (50% possibility of drop)
  • (Exxo Avalon) Either Rhodium or Osmium Ore, depending on your world.
  • 3 Desert Feather (Only in Exxo Avalon)

Tips (tConfig):

If you die or it becomes night he will still be there and will go to spawn and attack you.

Try to use the Silver Flail, as it has big range and can hit it twice.