Demon Hammer
Demon Hammer
Type Tool
Damage 37
Knockback 2
Hammer power 90%
Max stack 1
Use time 29 (Average)
Rarity Green
Tooltip Strong enough to break Hallowed Altars
Sell 3 Gold Coin

The Demon Hammer is probably the largest tool in Avalon. Its sprite is taken directly from vanilla Terraria(the Cursed Hammer NPC). It has a hammer power of 90%. It is the first tool to be able to break Hallowed Altars, though the world must be in Superhardmode in order for the player to accomplish this. To craft, it requires:

  • 30 Demonite Bars
  • 20 Souls of Night
  • 10 Souls of Might
  • 20 Vile Powder
  • 20 Shadow Scales
  • Crafting station: Mythril Anvil
  • You get one

This tool is required in the recipe for the Hammer of Delight.

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