Deitous Chakram
Deitous Chakram
Type Melee weapon
Sub-Type Boomerang
Tooltip 'The holy ring of the gods'
Damage (?) 53
Crit. Chance 16
Use Time 20 (Fast)
Knockback 8 (Very Strong)
Rarity Tier 5 (Magenta)
Sell Value 6 Gold Coin
Crafted With Makes 1
1 Cobalt Torus Cobalt Torus
1 Mythril Annulet Mythril Annulet
1 Adamantite Tethercord Adamantite Tethercord
20 Soul of Might Soul of Might
Crafted At Mythril AnvilMythril Anvil
The Deitous Chakram is the Hallowed boomerang in Avalon. It has a base damage of 53, fast speed, and strong knockback. To craft one, you must obtain 1 Cobalt Torus, 1 Mythril Annulet, 1 Adamantite Tethercord, and 20 Souls of Might to craft it at a Mythril Anvil.

Usage and Description

The Deitous Chakram is the Hallowed-tier Boomerang type weapon, and is comparable to a full stack of Light Discs in its general stats (as in damage terms), while the Deitous Chakram has a higher single hit damage and critical hit chance, the Light discs have a higher DPS and cumulative chance due to how players can release up to 5 discs at once. However, the Deitous Chakram can be reforged for higher stats.


Originally, this weapon did 76 melee damage. In an early version, it was reduced to 72, then 64, and now it is down to 53. However, given the right prefix (e.g. 'savage') and equipment, it can do up to 69 base damage.

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