1.2+ AvalonMod

The Dark Slime retains its name, but is highly altered in sprite as well as appearance. It spawns in the Dark Matter in Postmoon Hardmode, at a common rate.

Its stats, as well as with most Dark Matter enemies, are highly randomized upon spawn. This can make fighting one very difficult, and considering how often they spawn, pose a unique challenge.


  • Knockback Resistance: Randomized.
  • Damage: Randomized.
  • Defense: Randomized.
  • Max Life: Randomized.


  • 1 Dark Matter Ooze: 100%
  • 1-2 Dark Matter Ooze: 75%

1.1.2 AvalonMod

The Dark Slime is one of 9 Superhardmode NPCs.

Dark Slime

It has:

  • a high knockback resistance
  • 75 damage
  • 30 defense
  • 750 max life

It can spawn anywhere in the world, except for the Underworld.

It drops:

  • 4-7 Dark Matter Gel - 60%
  • 1 Blackened Flame - 2%
  • ~10 Silver Coin

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