1.2+ AvalonMod

Dark Matter Ore has been renamed to Dark Matter Ooze. It has been removed from Superhardmode, heavily revamped, and placed in Hardmode three tiers below the Hellcastle's final tier. It has recieved a massive sprite revamp, as well as major usage dynamics. It requires a (?) pickaxe to mine

Dark Matter Ooze can be used for ammunition, as well as for an armorset, along with other things. Dark Matter Ooze seems to radically alter the stats of any NPCs who come into contact with it, sometimes for the better, or for the worse. Dark Matter Ooze doesn't have a bar form, but rather only an "ore" form.

Dark Matter Ooze spawns deep underground in small clusters scattered about. There will never be more than 200 blocks near a place at a given time naturally, and for a good reason. Find out for yourself what that reason is by putting enough Dark Matter in one place, but beware, as it may cause you more trouble than its worth.

1.1.2 AvalonMod

The Dark Matter Bar is a mineral bar in Avalon. To smelt one, you must obtain nine Dark Matter Ore and be at a Caesium Forge. This mineral bar is required in The Blackened Flames and in Dark Matter Bullets/Arrows, as well as in Ancient Armor.

Dark Matter Ore 2
Dark Matter Ore is pictured at right.

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