Screenshot 3

View of the biome.

Contagion is a new biome that only appears in the Exxo Avalon Mod. The trees are made of Coughwood. The Ice version of the biome has Yellow Ice Blocks. The Contagion has the same above ground/ underground music as the vanilla Crimson biome


Screenshot 8

Map view of a Contagion Ring. The green dots are Snot Orbs and 2x1 green dots are Icky Altars.

The Contagion's structure is a ring made up of Chunkstone Block named the Contagion Ring. It contains Snot Orbs and Icky Altars.


-The boss of the Contagion is Bacterium Prime.

-The herb is called Barfbush, and is interchangeable with Bloodberry and Deathweed in all recipes.

Prehardmode mobs are the Bactus and Pyrasite; Hardmode adds Viris, Cougher, Ickslime, (Green) Pigron (only in Ice biome when Contagion'd), and Grossy Float.

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