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The Cloud Biome


The Cloud biome is a new biome in Avalon. It is also in Project En. This biome is characterized by Cloud Walls and Clouds. Clouds are a non-solid tile able to be mined with any pickaxe or drill.



Cloud Walls cover the entirety of each cloud, with Cloud tiles partially covering each of them. There are currently many clouds in the sky of each newly generated world. Clouds are required for the crafting of the Cloud in a Bottle and Featherfall Potion, and will be required in the crafting of other things as well, such as Kinetic Boots and Cloud in a Balloon.

Cloud Bats can spawn in this biome.

The Cloud item can be crafted into a Cloud Block, which can be placed and is a solid tile.

Cloud biomes were added to Avalon in version 13.4.

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