Pickaxes and Drills
Pickaxes are tools that can be used to pick up most terrain blocks. They may also be used to remove grass, and destroy planted tree saplings. Their tier defines the type of blocks that can be mined as well as the number of hits it takes to remove a single block. Drills function the same as Pickaxes, but can mine the newer materials which are far stronger than the originals.
Copper Pickaxe Copper Pickaxe Nightmare Pickaxe Nightmare Pickaxe Mythril Drill Mythril Drill
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe Sapphire Pickaxe Sapphire Pickaxe Adamantite Drill Adamantite Drill
Silver Pickaxe Silver Pickaxe Molten Pickaxe Molten Pickaxe Autonomic Drill Autonomic Drill
Gold Pickaxe Gold Pickaxe Pickaxe of Dusk Pickaxe of Dusk Dragon Bone Drill Dragon Bone Drill
Meteor Pickaxe Meteor Pickaxe Titanium Drill Titanium Drill Instantanium Drill Instantanium Drill
Tropic Pickaxe Tropic Pickaxe Cobalt Drill Cobalt Drill
Axes can be used to cut down trees and remove placed pieces of wood, except for wooden platforms which are removed with hammers. Hamaxes function as both Axes and Hammers.
Blueshift Blueshift Titanium Hamaxe Titanium Hamaxe Axe of Emancipation Axe of Emancipation
Breakdawn Breakdawn
Hammers are a type of tool that is used to remove furniture, wooden platforms and most background walls, as well as glass blocks and spikes. The Demon Hammer is able to, in a superhardmode world, break hallowed altars.
Jungle Hammer Jungle Hammer Breakdawn Breakdawn Demon Hammer Demon Hammer
Blueshift Blueshift Titanium Hamaxe Titanium Hamaxe Hammer of Delight Hammer of Delight
All in Ones
All in Ones are unique items that combine the functionalities of a Pickaxe, Axe and Hammer all into one tool.
Draxmer Draxmer Block Buster Destroyer Drill
Hooks are tools used to latch the player onto target surfaces. Avalon introduces a new hook that can latch onto four surfaces simultaneously.
Quad Whip Quad Whip
For tools which don't fit into the above categories.
Staff of the Jungle Environment Staffs Torch Launcher Torch Launcher Shadow Mirror Shadow Mirror
Wand of Hallow Environment Wands Moonphaser Moonphaser

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