This is the Melee weapons category page. All melee weapons in Avalon will be on this page.

Silver Flail Silver Flail Moonfury Moonfury Heaven's Tear Heaven's Tear
Meteor Masher Meteor Masher Cobalt Flail Cobalt Flail Eclipse's Waning Eclipse's Waning
Sporalash Sporalash Mythril Flail Mythril Flail Berserker Nightmare Berserker Nightmare
Cursed Flail Cursed Flail Adamantite Flail Adamantite Flail
Molten Lance Molten Lance Darklight Lance Darklight Lance
Infliction Infliction Cobalt Torus Cobalt Torus Adamantite Tethercord Adamantite Tethercord
Aquarang Aquarang Mythril Annulet Mythril Annulet Deitous Chakram Deitous Chakram
Midnight's Ring Midnight's Ring
Meteor Longsword Meteor Longsword Titanium Greatsword 2 Titanium Greatsword Vertex of Excalibur Vertex of Excalibur
Essence Phaseblade Essence Phaseblade Essence Phasesaber Essence Phasesaber Oblivion Greatsword Oblivion Greatsword
Desert Long Sword Desert Long Sword Hallowed Greatsword Hallowed Greatsword Elemental Excalibur Elemental Excalibur
Fiery Blade of Grass Fiery Blade of Grass Spectrum Scimitar Spectrum Scimitar Berserker Blade Berserker Blade
Icy Greatsword Icy Greatsword
Staff of the Jungle Environment Staffs

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