This is the materials category page. All kind of materials that are in Avalon will be on this page.

Steel Bar Steel Bar Jungle Bar Jungle Bar Titanium Bar Titanium Bar
Caesium Bar Caesium Bar Corrupted Bar Corrupted Bar Magmatic Bar Magmatic Bar
Dark Matter Bar Dark Matter Bar Hallowed Bar Hallowed Bar Ever Ice Bar Ever Ice Bar
Oblivion Bar Oblivion Bar Berserker Bar Berserker Bar Easymode Bar Easymode Bar
Hardmode Bar Hardmode Bar
Heartstone Brick Heartstone Brick Heartstone Brick Wall Heartstone Brick Wall Sandstone Block Sandstone Block
Iron Brick Iron Brick Iron Brick Wall Iron Brick Wall Grass Block Grass Block
Adamantite Brick Adamantite Brick Adamantite Brick Wall Adamantite Brick Wall Impervious Brick Impervious Brick
Orange Brick Orange Brick Orange Brick Wall Orange Brick Wall Ice Block Ice Block
Cloud Cloud Could Wall Cloud Wall Tropical Mud Block Tropical Mud Block
Tropical Stone Block Tropical Stone Block Black Sand Block Black Sand Block Brimstone Block Brimstone Block
Hallowstone Block Hallowstone Block Hallowstone Wall Hallowstone Wall Resistant Wood Resistant Wood
Beak Beak Bloodshot Lens Bloodshot Lens Dark Matter Gel Dark Matter Gel
Dragon Bone Dragon Bones Dragon Scale Dragon Scales Dragon Lord Bait 2 Dragon Lord Bait
Essence of Easymode Essence of Easymode Essence of Hardmode Essence of Hardmode Gem Essence Gem Essence
Illegal Weapon Instructions Illegal Weapon Instructions Lens Apparatus Lens Apparatus Spore Powder Spore Powder
Steel Chain Steel Chain White Gel White Gel Greater Life Crystal Greater Life Crystal
Hellfire Key Hellfire Key Honey Honey Moonphaser Moonphaser
Red Present Red Present Seal of Blight Seal of Blight Shadow Mirror Shadow Mirror
Timechanger Timechanger Energy Cell Energy Cell Blackened Flame Blackened Flame
Golden Flame Golden Flame
Elemental Shards
Air Shard 2 Air Shard Earth Shard 2 Earth Shard Fire Shard 2 Fire Shard
Ice Shard 2 Ice Shard Jungle Shard 2 Jungle Shard Water Shard 2 Water Shard
Undead Shard 2 Undead Shard
Soul Essence Soul Essence Soul of Blight Soul of Blight Soul of Delight Soul of Delight
Soul of Fire Soul of Fire Soul of Height Soul of Height Soul of Ice Soul of Ice
Soul of Plight Soul of Plight Soul of the Jungle Soul of the Jungle Soul of Vigor Soul of Vigor
Soul of Wight Soul of Wight
All Seeing Eye All Seeing Eye Dark Matter Chunk Dark Matter Chunk Eye of Oblivion Eye of Oblivion
Ghost Bait Ghost Bait Guide Summon Doll Guide Summon Doll Hornet Food Hornet Food
Mechanical Beak Mechanical Beak Mechanical Stinger Mechanical Stinger Ultra Death Ultra Death
Skull Skull Dragon Spine Dragon Spine
Crafting stations
Berserker Anvil Berserker Anvil More to be added

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