This is the magic weapons category page. All magic weapons in Avalon will be on this page.

Ancient Ancient Devil's Scythe Devil's Scythe Focus Beam Focus Beam
Focus Beam 2 Focus Beam 2 Starfall Starfall The Blackened Flames The Blackened Flames
The Golden Flames The Golden Flames Tome of the Distant Past Tome of the Distant Past Freeze Bolt Freeze Bolt
Tome of Necromancy Tome of Necromancy
Magic Weapons
Cursed Flamelash Cursed Flamelash Elemental Rod Elemental Rod Wand of Corruption Environment Wands
Flower of the Jungle Flower of the Jungle Starlight Cannon 2 Starlight Cannon Starstorm 2 Starstorm
Shadow Thorn Vilethorn Upgrades

Pages in category "Magic weapons"

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