Notice: This boss is being heavily revamped by both our spriters and coders. It will have a new AI, and actually be a challenge. :)

Cataryst is the Hallow-themed boss, and is sprited to appear to be an angel. To summon this boss, the player must use an All-Seeing Eye in the Hallow biome.


  • 10000 Maximum Health
  • 70 Damage
  • 29 Defense (14.5 actual damage reduction)


Cataryst has 2 main attacks. The first attack consists of him shooting Halos, doing 40 damage each. The second attack consists of him shooting Lasers very, very fast. Both attacks can be avoided, but at times can be hard to avoid.


  • 6-8 Greater Healing Potions
  • 10-15 Hearts
  • ~10 Gold Coins

Noteworthy Events:

Upon destruction the first time, Hallowed Ore is spawned in the world, and upon the second destruction, Corrupted Ore is spawned in the world. Note that for some players, Corrupted Ore may spawn first, and Hallowed Ore second.