Caesium Armor is the first new Hardmode Armor found in Avalon. It is available after a player gets the Drax or Pickaxe Axe, which is required to mine the Caesium Ore found in the Underworld.

It provides 60 defense and the Set Bonus is Lava Talisman Effect (new version: Hades' Cross effect) (Neptune’s Shell for Lava)

The Caesium Headpiece gives the following bonuses:
Caesium Headpiece

Caesium Headpiece

  • 25 Defense
  • +20% Melee Damage
  • +12% Melee speed
  • Its crafting recipe is: 40 Caesium Bars, 10 Hellstone Bars and 30 Soul of Sight at an Adamantite Anvil.
The Caesium Plate Mail gives:
Caesium Plate Mail

Caesium Plate Mail

  • 19 Defense
  • +10% Critical Strike chance
  • Thorns Potion (continuous)
  • Hunter Potion (continuous)
  • Its crafting recipe is: 55 Caesium Bars, 10 Hellstone Bars and 30 Soul of Might at an Adamantite Anvil.
The Caesium Greaves gives:
Caesium Greaves

Caesium Greaves

  • 16 Defense
  • +10% Ranged and Magic Damage
  • +20% Increased Movement Speed
  • +80 Maximum Mana
  • Ability to Double jump (like a Cloud in a Bottle)
  • Its crafting recipe is: 35 Caesium Bars, 10 Hellstone Bars and 30 Soul of Fright at an Adamantite Anvil.

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