Blah's Armor

Blah's armor set is the end-game overall armor in the Exxo Avalon Mod, which is obtainable soon after Oblivion's first defeat or subsequent defeats. You will of needed to been in the Superhardmode Dungeon, as one of the main required ingredients is from the Superhardmode Dungeon.

Blah's Helmet

50 Defense

29% increased damage

10% increased critical strike chance

Blah's Bodyarmor

50 Defense

30% decreased mana usage and increases your max number of minions by 6.

Increases max mana by 500.

Blah's Cruisses

50 Defense

Melee weapons have a chance to instantly kill mobs, teleportation to the cursor, ranged projectiles have a chance to split in two.


Set Bonus: Melee Stealth, Ranged Stealth, Attackers also take double damage, and Sceptre Heal.


  • Baum crafted this armor set on Episode 18 of his Exxo Avalon playthrough.

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