Berserker Blade
Berserker Blade
Type Melee weapon
Sub-Type Swords
Tooltip 'Go berserk!'
Damage (?) 59
Crit. Chance 16
Use Time 18 (Very Fast)
Knockback 5 (Average)
Rarity Tier 6 (Purple)
Sell Value 20 Gold Coin
Continuous Attack true
Crafted With Makes 1
100 Berserker Bar Berserker Bar
75 Soul of Wight Soul of Wight
75 Soul of Vigor Soul of Vigor
Crafted At Berserker AnvilBerserker Anvil
The Berserker Blade is the final sword in Avalon. It has a base damage of 59; 2 less than the Elemental Excalibur. It has a fast swing speed, and average knockback. This weapon is crafted from:


  • The name of this sword is the name of an attack on Pokemon TCG: Black & White: Noble Victories Hydreigon card.

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