The icon of the buff

The Battlefront Potion gives the Battefront buff.

The buff gives

  • +5% Critical strike chance on melee, ranged and magic
  • Battlefront Potion

    The item texture

    +2% Damage on melee, ranged and magic
  • +2% Melee speed
  • +2% Pickaxe speed (pickaxe will go slower, currently a bug)
  • Thorns buff
  • +8 defense
  • Battle Potion effect

The item is crafted with

  • 2 Battle Potions
  • 2 Strength potions
  • 2 Ironskin potions
  • 2 Thorns potions
  • 2 Boost Potions
  • 2 Archery potions
  • Bottle (crafting station)
  • 1 potion

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